An Open Letter to @CastAwayTVHD

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I first want to congratulate you on your season run of Stab. As you, I, Wasema, and many others know, creating a series is hard work that should not be overlooked. I mention Wasema and myself because in some ways, that little triad we had was where things began. Having such great friends to work with certainly added to the experience of YouTube voice acting, and I know this because it is the reason that we are all still there. If great friendship is the heart of voice acting, then a cracked Sony Vegas must be the soul. But I want to shift a little and discuss the most “innovative” project you’ve had to date: Stab. Personally, I think that Stab is a breath of fresh air that our community needed. A dying community sort of all had a new place to gather, and it felt great. It felt really great to be a part of something that held, and still holds, so much power. Of course, these are just my personal opinions. I believe that Stab brought us together as a community, and paved the way for even more creative ways to voice act. The addition of live taping was a very welcome and surreal experience, as it was as close to being on a real set that we will be… at least for now. I still vividly remember recording the scene—yes, that scene. Don’t Forget Me. Season finale. I think the reason I hold onto that scene was because it was filmed before the pilot, if I remember correctly. I liked having that piece of Steven/Morgan from the finale so that I knew what direction we were headed with their characters moving forward. It helped with forming a character, and I know you as a director will appreciate hearing that. An often unrecognized piece of Stab is the soundtrack. The soundtrack is perfect in so many ways; it set the tone for the entire series so well. The soundtrack flows in a way that is right, that makes me unmistakably think about Stab. Every piece of the puzzle came together for this series, and I am forever grateful that I was allowed to be a part of it. I’m glad that my constant pestering paid off and Stab was finally released again, although I’ve spoken to you privately about my feelings of that release. I could go on for hours about the great things Stab does. I could talk about how you perfectly planned Steven’s motive, and I could talk about how real the characters were. Morgan, in my opinion, was one of the most hate-able characters I’ve ever seen on screen. She was selfish, she lied, she killed her father and made Agnes help her cover it up. Yet, for some reason… we root for her. And you know me—I will ship Steven and Morgan until the day I die. I don’t think he could ever have truly killed her, although he wasn’t given the chance to. He got what was coming, but I don’t think he ever could hurt Morgan. I look forward to seeing what you do in The Film, Gary. I hope you choose to join me on Project 5. I look forward to all of your work that comes ahead, actually. And speaking of other work, I’ve made the decision not to leak that little sneak peek of Project Sweet Tea. Just thought you’d wanna know…

I’ll talk to you soon,