Locked In: Episode 4 Synopsis


The party of the year is over, and the killer will be revealed in “Hello, Elle”, the penultimate episode of Locked In, a mini-series by xlittleliars. As the body count continues to rise, Aubrey feels obligation to hunt down the killer. Ben attempts to reconcile with Natalie, who questions his intentions; Ethan is nowhere to be found, and Elle uncovers a journal that reveals all.

Locked In is written by Anthony Vanderwaal, and airs on xlittleliars. The mini-series is set to air a total of 5 episodes.

Locked In Episode 2 Synopsis Released

The long awaited synopsis for Locked In’s second episode has finally been released. Check it out below!

The town of Mistwood becomes an absolute nightmare after Mr. Daniels body is found outside of the local high school. With a murder now committed, Lily realizes that she’s lucky to be alive. Elle’s addiction to pills may lead her down an unsafe path. Meanwhile, Athena encounters a key piece of evidence, and Harley receives a message from the killer.

Episode 2 of “Locked In” is set to air on xlittleliars this July.

Locked In | Official Cast List


After much debate, stress, and a very challenging casting process, the cast list for xlittleliars’ “Locked In” has officially been chosen. Every audition was great, and a joy to watch! The voiceover community is very lucky to have such a large variety of talented actors and actresses. Unfortunately, not everyone can be cast due to the limited number of roles. Don’t be discouraged if you did not receive a part, as we will be reaching out to others for guest roles and extra appearances. See the cast list below. Continue reading