Wasema Holland to Release Summer Spin-Off of “Unforgettable”

YTWeekly has learned exclusively that Wasema Holland, also known as silencexbrokenx and creator of the hit CW voiceover series Unforgettable, will release a 6-episode summer project.The series, titledĀ Alibi, will revolve around Unforgettable characters Scarlet and Cole Erin as they attempt to evade police capture for the murder of the president. The duo will recruit a team of various talents in an attempt to uncover who is trying to frame them for the assassination. Holland notes that viewers will be able to watch and understand Alibi even if they are not familiar with the original series and characters.

While Holland has yet to announce a release date for the spin-off, Warner Brothers studios has announced that three episodes have already been edited to completion. The cast has kept very quiet about involvement with the series, as Holland wants to ensure that episodes are finished before releasing. This is in order to ensure that viewers will not have long waiting periods between episodes. We appreciate that, Miss Holland!

“It’s a lot more action packed than any show I’ve done,” Holland notes. Considering how much action was in Perfecting Vengeance, this makes us nervous. “Even though there are some of the same characters, the show has a lot of new faces and feels very different.”

The series will air weekly this summer on silencexbrokenx‘s channel. Be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out!


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