xlittleliars Begins Casting Final Project

pll-behind-the-scenes-season-7-10The Don’t End Up Like Me showrunner is beginning to look ahead, casting directors say.It’s no secret that Anthony Vanderwaal’s voiceover projects are coming to an end — Don’t End Up Like Me will air just 6 more episodes until the show finishes for good, and Locked In will air 2 more — but viewers can expect one final project from the showrunner before his official departure from the voiceover community.

Details for the project are scarce, but Vanderwaal is reportedly attempting to recruit a “very specific team” in hopes of creating a project that the community has been waiting for.

Casting for the project will begin soon, but xlittleliars hopes to feature an ensemble of both new and old faces. “There are many people I haven’t worked with yet who I know are talented,” Vanderwaal noted. “I want new voices to be in my projects before I’m gone for good.”

Actors and actresses are encouraged by xlittleliars to upload new, relevant voiceovers to showcase their talent as casting begins.


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