YouTube Series You Need to Binge This Holiday Break


There are many things to do over holiday break, but one of the most challenging decisions is figuring out what to watch. We made it easy for you by compiling a list of some voiceover favorites perfect for binging.

1. Hunted


The season of scares may have ended, but nothing beats a classic story of suspense and drama. Hunted will leave you asking questions and hunting for clues while also highlighting character relationships. You’ll be dying to know the same thing as the main characters: What happened to Savannah?

Episodes: 8

Status: Still Airing

Genre: Drama/Suspense

Where to Watch: Smiley Miley

2. Stab


When a masked murderer begins to target the students of Woodsboro High, all hell breaks loose. Friendships are tested, bonds are broken, and the innocent are killed quickly.

Episodes: 5

Status: Season 1 Complete

Genre: Horror/Drama

Where to Watch: CastAwayTVHD

3. Perfecting Vengeance


In a story of relationships gone toxic, the depth of characters is explored while also showing how far we’ll go for the ones we love.

Episodes: 4

Status: On Hold

Genre: Drama/Action

Where to Watch: silencexbrokenx

4. If It’s Love


This voiceover classic tells the stories of various high school students and their intertwining relationships.

Episodes: 11

Status: Complete/Cancelled

Genre: Romance/Drama

Where to Watch: IfItsLovexTV

5. Living With Mona


A thick-humored comedy focusing on the adventures of Mona, her best friend Hanna, and the foreign exchange student from Egypt, Wasema.

Episodes: 5

Genre: Comedy

Where to Watch: CastAwayTVHD


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