Locked In Episode 2 Synopsis Released

The long awaited synopsis for Locked In’s second episode has finally been released. Check it out below!

The town of Mistwood becomes an absolute nightmare after Mr. Daniels body is found outside of the local high school. With a murder now committed, Lily realizes that she’s lucky to be alive. Elle’s addiction to pills may lead her down an unsafe path. Meanwhile, Athena encounters a key piece of evidence, and Harley receives a message from the killer.

Episode 2 of “Locked In” is set to air on xlittleliars this July.

An Interview With MusicalNotes247 | Hanna’s DEULM Future, Advice for Actors, & More

Melody on set of DEULM season 3, episode 8: “Courtney Confesses”

YTWeekly sat down with voice actress MusicalNotes247 to discuss Hanna’s future in DEULM, Dawn, and more!

YTWEEKLY: In this season of DEULM, what can we expect for Hanna?

MELODY: This season we get to see how Hanna deals with Damon’s betrayal. Hanna is going through a tough time, and we get to see how she copes with everything and become a stronger person because of it.

YTWEEKLY: Is there anything about Hanna that you completely relate to?

MELODY: I’ve definitely felt betrayed before by someone very close to me, and I can understand her pain in that sense. Although I didn’t almost marry someone that’s trying to kill me – that’s pretty harsh. I think Hanna hates Damon but at the same time hates herself for being tricked, and I can understand those feelings very well.

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DEULM Exclusive: First 4 Minutes of 4B Premiere

Don’t End Up Like Me’s fourth season returns this July with season 4, episode 3 “Silencing the Nightmares”. The official synopsis for the episode is below!

In Don’t End Up Like Me’s 4B premiere, Hanna’s nightmares put her on the edge while Katherine’s actions push her higher on the girls’ suspect list. Riley struggles to deal with Alison’s murder, while Jack uncovers a piece of information that may put an end to the “A” game once and for all — and a Rosewood resident pays the price.