DEULM’s First 3 Seasons Heading to DVD This June

Complete Series Poster

DEULM’s “complete series” poster

In a recent press release, creator Anthony Vanderwaal has announced that all Don’t End Up Like Me episodes that have aired will be available for download. The available downloads will include episodes that were previously blocked by YouTube, and includes all season finales and premieres. The DVD is set to release ahead of DEULM’s 4B return. No other information has been provided, but it is expected that the DVD will release on June 1st.

Wasema Holland Returns With ‘VIEWS’

Wasema Holland, creator of Unforgettable, Perfecting Vengeance, and the voiceover community’s Comic Con, has just released a teaser for her upcoming summer series, ‘Views’. The series will revolve around several different characters, with each episode exhibiting a storyline that focuses on a different character. According to Holland, the series is “eerie”. The official synopsis is below.

The 1960s was a delightful time but for ten adults in Utah, life’s challenges seem too big to conquer and life’s lessons are too mad to comprehend. Cheshire smiles and wicked promises, twist of a knife and pretty little dresses. Welcome to Salt Lake City.

The series is set to air this July on silencexbrokenx.