STAB | Official Cast List


After a long and hard casting process, the cast list for CastAwayTVHD’s newest series, “Stab”, has officially been decided. All of the auditions were great, and we truly mean that! It’s very difficult to have everyone be a part of something with such limited roles, so please be understanding and courteous to those who received roles. Do not be discouraged if you did not receive a part! We will try our best to accommodate those who auditioned with guest roles and appearances. See the cast list below. Continue reading

Unforgettable: Series Finale Premiere


Among those in attendance were Anna May, Gary Avery, Wasema Holland, Anthony Vanderwaal, Elizabeth Ellen, and others.

The Unforgettable series finale premiere took place last night! Among those attending were Anna May (actress and lead of the show), Gary Avery (creator of “Faces” and “Revenge”), Anthony Vanderwaal (creator of “Don’t End Up Like Me”), Elizabeth Ellen (actress), and of course Wasema Holland, the creator of Unforgettable. Also in attendance were Nicole Gubler and Stephanie Kingston, retired actresses from the voiceover community. We interviewed a few people to discuss their feelings. Continue reading

CastAwayTVHD Spotted Leaving Writers Room!

IMG_0515 CastAwayTVHD was recently spotted leaving the writer’s room on the Warner Brothers lot. There has been speculation that he has been working on a new project, although details are scarce. His close friends silencexbrokenx and xlittleliars both refused to comment, although xlittleliars noted that it will be “interesting”. We can’t wait to find out what he’s been up to!