Living With Mona “Coven” Episode Announced



xlittleliars announced via Instagram that Living With Mona will have an episode inspired by American Horror Story: Coven. The episode, entitled “American Mona Story”, will actually be written by xlittleliars as well. While he and silencexbrokenx have assisted with writing scenes and other parts of development in the series, the two have not written episodes of the show until now. Wasema’s episode will be inspired by That’s So Raven.

RUMOR: Unforgettable Making a Comeback?


It’s back! Our blog exclusively reports that Unforgettable will be returning this month. Although it’s technically just a rumor for now, word got out that silencexbrokenx has recently undergone the editing process once again, and 3×10 “Prison Break” will be released in June. The episode, which focuses on Stefan’s attempts to save Alison, stars lovexwriting, lolamiley, xlittleliars, and more. We are so excited for the return of Unforgettable!